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The Graystone Company’s Natural Resources Division locates and extracts mineral deposits for refining. We do not engage in general exploration activities, but rather focus on acquiring properties with proven or probable mineral ore reserves. As a mining company, this enables us to focus our attention on generating revenue and profits from the processing of mineral resources without the speculative cost of exploration activities.


The initial focus of Graystone Mining is on acquiring properties that require a lower capital investment to begin mining operations. Though this approach may reduce the size of the deposits that Graystone Mining can acquire, generating revenue from smaller mining ventures will set a solid foundation in place to undertake larger and more costly ventures, such as hard rock projects.

By focusing initially on alluvial mining (surface mining) projects, our mining company can begin generating a positive cash flow for a smaller capital investment; as a result, the Company will not need to undertake capital raises dilutive to Graystone’s shareholders.

In August of 2011, Graystone gold mining company finished 23 days of test mining to assist in determining the size and location of the gold deposits on the property. Test results indicated 0.62 grams of gold per ton with a range of 0.46 grams to 1.47 grams per ton—this is great news for a mine company. According to our expert geologists, these internal numbers indicate a potential for mining the property for at least 10 years.

We are currently finalizing a third party geological report on the property, and will then begin obtaining the necessary permits from the government of Peru to begin full mining operations on the property. Graystone mine company estimates that this process will run six months from the date of which the Company files the environmental impact study with the government.

The Graystone Company optimistically looks forward to beginning successful, comprehensive gold mining company operations in the very near future.


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