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The Graystone Company’s mining interest are in the Maranón basin, which is part of the Amazon Plain.   The geological model for the Maranón basin consists of an extensive braided fluvial system occupying the axis of a shallow east-plunging syncline thus creating a yoked basin which is the most favorable structural setting for sediment reworking. This massive river complex has migrated northward through geological time, creating numerous abandoned meander systems and braided stream capture situations providing tremendous volumes of reworked gold-bearing sediments. The prevailing gold morphology allows gold to migrated considerably further in this fluvial environment than in classical alluvial systems. Consequently, gold can be found in the sediments of the Rio Maranón for over 130 kilometers below the Manseriche Gorge, explaining the metal’s widespread distribution throughout the basin where GoldSands Development Company’s properties are located. 


The Graystone Company we strive to minimize the impact we have on the environmental and through our reclamation project to restore the land to a similar state prior to our mining activities.  Typically, once an area has been mined, regraded and resoiled, soils are left compacted, which severely limits tree seedling growth and survival when traditional planting methods are used. Graystone will use a non-compacted topsoil and subsoil mixture to create a growth medium that favors the establishment of forest cover. We intend to plant the tree seedlings into six foot piles of soil, which allows increased water penetration to the root zone and deeper rooting, ultimately increasing seedling survival.

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