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Investing in Gold

Investing in gold can provide a lucrative opportunity for wise investors. Gold prices have seen consistent rise in the last fifteen years. While there is inevitable fluctuation in the market, the overall price per ounce of gold has risen dramatically, more than tripling since 1996.

Gold mining investments provide an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio as well. Maintaining a traditional investment portfolio with assets like stocks and bonds can be compared to “putting all your eggs in one basket.” Adding gold investments protects against fluctuation, and decreases volatility.

Unbeknownst to many, there are two avenues through which to manage gold investing. Gold investors must consider how much gold stock they would like to own, and how much actual gold metal they would like to own. Gold stocks are suited for speculators and market aficionados, while gold ownership is suited for savers looking for an indestructible security. Both are valid forms of gold investing that can be incorporated into a portfolio.

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