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The Gorilla Project

In June 2011, the Company acquired the Gorilla Project. The purchase price for the property was $44,000 USD.  The project consists of 400 hectares (one hectares equals 2.47 acres) located in Loreto, Peru (Northern Peru).    

The Gorilla Project operation involves alluvial mining of gold from the deposits of sand and gravel usually left from modern or ancient stream beds. 

Exploration Plan and Activities.

 The Company has completed 2 separate bulk sampling projects on the Gorilla Project.  The first was lasted for 23 days and the second lasted 2 days.  The bulk sampling was conducted to provide internal numbers to management to determine the feasibility of continuing with the project.  In addition to the bulk sampling activities we carried out the following activities:

  • Implemented a community relations program to inform local communities of the project and what potential opportunities that may exist for community involvement in the implementation phases of the development program;
  • Acquired equipment for further evaluation and development of resources;
  • Set-up an operational base in the project area to continuously review the exploration program and prior experiences gained operating in this difficult terrain;
  • Began bulk sampling of the site to assist in mapping the property
  • Commissioned a preliminary master plan which indicated the size and scope of our projected operations and areas where more information is required.


The Company is currently mapping the Gorilla Project to determine the contour map and what equipment will be necessary for mining operations. 


Figure X.1

Gorilla Project Boundary Map

Map Photo Gorilla 


Reports on the Property:   Geological report on Project Gorilla.


No proven (measured) or probable (indicated) reserves have been established with respect to the Gorilla project. Any references to estimated, potential and/or “inferred” reserves or resources, and any estimated values of such reserves, contained in the geological report, or set forth in any other communication (i) do not represent proven (measured) or probable (indicated) reserves within the meaning of Item 102 of Regulation S-K and the Commission’s Securities Act Industry Guide 7, and (ii) should not be relied upon by any person in evaluating the Company’s prospects at the Gorilla project.

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