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Team In Peru

 The Graystone Company is the single largest private employer in our area. We currently employ 8 local villagers, and at the time of our bulk testing, we employed as many as 25 local villagers. We firmly believe in establishing our company as a fixture within the community, providing jobs and a sense of local pride within the surrounding populace. We have happily donated school supplies to the local village of Borja.

The Graystone Company began gold exploration along the Marañón River, just south of the jungle community of Borja, Loreto, Perú in February of 2011. Between this time and now, we have gone rapidly through the phases of exploration, acquisition and development. During this time we have gained the knowledge of the terrain, what methods and equipment is needed, hired and maintained skilled manpower and the general cost involved in extracting the gold in the most efficient manner possible.



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